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Recent Cases

Assault Causing Bodily Harm – Charges DROPPED – NO JAIL & NO CRIMINAL RECORD

R. v. SJJ (2014 Surrey B.C. Provincial Court) Police attended complainant’s residence and found her with blood and bruises, alleging that Client had assaulted her by punching and kicking. Client vehemently denied the allegations, pleaded not guilty and set the matter for trial. Vancouver Criminal Defence Lawyer Emmet J. Duncan successfully persuaded Crown counsel that […]


Assault Allegation – Charges Dropped and NO CRIMINAL RECORD

R. v. K.B. (2014 B.C. Provincial Court) Client accused of assaulting neighbour after a dispute centring around romantic jealousy relating to Client’s girlfriend.  Days before trial, Vancouver Criminal Defence Lawyer Emmet J. Duncan persuaded Crown counsel to adjourn the trial to consider DIVERTING Client out of the criminal justice system ALTOGETHER, and to accept an […]


Why Choose Mr. Duncan?


For years, Vancouver Criminal Defense Lawyer Emmet J. Duncan has brought a first-rate level of practice to the Courts of British Columbia, in both the private sector and as a Crown Prosecutor, and in large firms and boutique settings. He has conducted literally hundreds of trials and Court hearings at all levels of the Courts in Canada, including the Provincial Court, the Supreme Court, the Federal Court, the British Columbia and Federal Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

He brings all of that experience to assist clients, not only in Court to defend against charges, but also before charges are brought, to try to protect against the threat of charges, and in all cases strives for the best possible results.


Whether it may seem to some like it is the most minor violation or offence, or whether everyone would recognize it is a potentially life-changing experience, Vancouver Criminal Defense Lawyer Emmet J. Duncan recognizes that all charges, big or small, cause worry and anxiety. As a result, no matter how straightforward or complex a case may seem, he brings skill, preparation and hard work to every single file he accepts.

Dedication is the foundation to all success, and Mr. Duncan prides himself on bringing it to every single file.


Though some professionals may believe a case starts and ends in the Courtroom, Vancouver Criminal Defense Lawyer Emmet J. Duncan knows that bringing a creative approach to every file means that sometimes they are won before case begins; sometimes they are won through skilful negotiation; and sometimes they can only be won by helping the judge and jury to the just result.

Mr. Duncan guides himself by what is most likely to succeed, and in that approach has proved himself a skilful and effective advocate for his clients.